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Monday, October 19, 2009

Bukit Mertajam - MED Cafe (Japanese Cuisine)

We had drive pass this restaurant for numerous time, but due to the setting of the restaurant, we had always mistaken it as a pub. So, we never stop by and having a meal in the restaurant. Until the day where we stopped at the bakery next door to buy bread, only we realized that it is actually a Japanese cuisine restaurant.

All this while, Bukit Mertajam gave me an impression that it is a small town, with most of the eateries are hawker stall or food court, it never come to my mind that a nice restaurant like MED Cafe actually exists in town.

I had always mistaken it as a pub due to the big "Guinness" word on the sign, never realized the four "日本料理" word below the big red "MED". :P The restaurant is located at the junction to turn into the not so new Maju Utama Business Center in Kampung Baru.

A closer look at the entrance to the restaurant. The design and setup of the restaurant is pretty nice, having ambience light and also sofa setup at a corner for friends gathering.

The sofa corner...

Restaurant inside view...The table and chair is quite comfortable, they have special baby chair as well.

There is a sliding door at the side of the restaurant for access to the open air seat, where is good for those who wish to have a smoke.

A huge menu with all the available promotion is placed just outside the main entrance for customer to take a look before decide to step into the restaurant or not. There are lots of special promotion for lunch and dinner, it will be even more worth of money if you are a student.

The culinary set provided in a nice woven container.

After ordering the food, wife and daughter having fun around in the restaurant while waiting for the food, at the sofa corner......

Climbing up and down...

Gotcha, daughter is non-stopping running here and there until my wife managed to catch her.

Croquette - Japanese deep fried potato cake.

It comes with the sweet and sour sauce.

This is how it looks like inside. The outer layer is crispy but the filling is soft and smells nice. Becareful when eating it as the filling will be very hot. It is really nice when the potato cake coupled with the sauce. It can serve as a nice appetizer as the sauce really tickling the taste buds with the sourly taste.

This is how you eat it, yes with a fork, not the hand. :P

This is another nice side dishes you should try, the grilled cheese bacon. The bacon is rolled up with cheese filling inside, then it is grilled together with some tomatoes. When you eat it, the melted cheese will start to flow up and filled up your mouth. Nice.......

Daughter posing for photo session in the wooden baby chair...

It is so nice of the restaurant to have special culinary set for kids...

Daughter having nice meal...they serve kids meal as well, but there is not much choice. So, we end up didn't order the kids meal since my daughter still not really can finish up a meal by herself.

Tonkotsu ramen, this is what I ordered. The soup is quite nice, the ramen just nice, not overcooked, but not to say very special. It is up to expectation, worth a try.

The pork strip going to my mouth......

A closer look at it.

Wife ordered Teriyaki Bibimbab, which is actually stone rice. From the look, we felt that it won't be nice, and yes, it is so-so only, I think it is the sauce problem, I didn't see the usual dark color sauce which other restaurant serve together with bibimbab.

The miso soup come together with it.

Well, eventhough it is not spectacularly nice, it is still ok to eat, so, end up we did finish all the food. :P

Summary of our order:
1. 1 Tonkotsu Ramen - RM15.90
2. 1 Teriyaki Bibimbab - RM15.90
3. 1 Cheese Bacon - RM2.90
4. 1 Croquette - RM 3.90
5. 2 Green Tea (Hot/Cold) - RM2.00

There is 5% service charge, so total up the meal cost us RM42.63.

It is worth a try if you run out of place to eat. :P
Below is the address:
3193-A, Jalan Maju, Pusat Perniagaan Maju Utama,
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Tel: 04-5304889

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