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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Seberang Prai City - Chego Restaurant

This is not the first time we went to Chego Restaurant at Seberang Prai City, but it was the first time I bring my parents to eat Korean food. The restaurant is located on the first floor, on the stretch where all the restaurant located.

I like the environment and the ambience in the restaurant, which I think is very suitable for a meal for families and friends. I particularly preferred the tatami seat......

Wife and daughter, waiting for food after place the order.

Happy family.....the tatami seat with a barbeque pit in the center of the table.

Daughter posing for the camera......

If you bring kids along, they have special plastic culinary set for the little one.

We ordered a barbeque set which complies of 7 small dishes, 2 flavor of barbeque chicken, one tofu soup and one stone rice. Besides that, we also ordered a special dishes (limited time offer) which is "fried glutinous cake" (炒年糕). It is supposed to be a popular dish for Korean restaurant.

The small side dishes, you can keep refill it. :P

Closer look at the Kimchi......nyam nyam......

The marinated chicken barbeque......There is worker to do the job for you, and also if you don't like the heat, they can even barbeque it for you at the next empty table (that is what I ask them to do, because it is dangerous to have kids around the barbeque pit).

The vegetables come with the barbeque chicken (waiting for being barbequed as well).

The barbequed chicken, cut into pieces and serve to you. You are supposed to use the salad leaves provided to wrapped the chicken and eat it. The salad leaves can be refill.

There is also sauce given for each person for the barbeque chicken.

The tofu soup, the smell is strong and it is sweet and all times favourite......

The waiter helping out on mixing the stone rice.....

This is how it looks like after everything mixed together. I consider this is a must try also if you dine in a Japanese/Korean restaurant. :P

The “炒年糕", thought that it would be sweet, but it is salty, totally surprised me and it actually taste good! Beware, it is expensive. :P

Happy grandma with granddaughter.....

Finally, finish all the food......the portion is quite a lot, and we actually ordered the 2 persons barbaque set. So, if you are small eaters like us, becareful when you placed the order. :P



GPS coordinate (Seberang Prai City): 5°22'9"N   100°26'21"E

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