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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Juru Auto City - Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) is another franchise restaurant that I like. Eventhough there are 99% of the workers there are foreigners, they are always well trained. Again, I was at the Juru Auto City for a dinner as birthday celebration for my little girls (more like I want to eat the food there. :P).

I always like to visit Juru Autocity's outlet (any restaurant), the outlet there is always spacious, the waiter is always more pro (proper english, smiley face, fast services)...This is the outlook of MFM...

Once we walked in the restaurant, this is the view came into the eye, nice.....

The table setting, stated there established since 1822, woot...hmm.......I got curious, so I did a google search (of course after ate finish and back to home to search online. ;P)

Woohoo! MFM
This is one of the most powerful restaurant website I encountered before, they even have their menu and prices on the website! If you are interested with the restaurant history and story, everything is there...except the kitchen sink.

From the table, looks like MFM is in Singapore and Bangkok as well......

Standard saurce: got tartar, minced garlic and salsa, not bad not bad. Nice......
It seems like no matter what you order, these are the sauce they will put on the table.

Woot woot, pepper and salt, cute! But I still prefer ceramic type. :P

Coaster, made from wood with nice carving. Looks like the restaurant really put in lots of effort on the decoration.

Captain's Quencher - Carbonated orange twist, nice......the CO2 + Ice + Orange, it did give some kick to open up my taste buds.

Wife ordered 100 Plus, it looks just like when I ordered the same thing at the food court near my house, except the price :P

Happy wife and daughter......

Fried Calamari, nyam nyam, my favourites. The only problem is that we also ordered the "Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two" where there are also one whole row of fried calamari. So, I got a "sotong hangover" after the meal. First I feel myself like a blur sotong.......but don't get me wrong, the fried calamari is nice. :)

Manhattan Seafood Platters for Two! Got fried fish fillet, got fried oyster, got flaming prawn with cheese!!!! got butter rice and fries!!!!! Superb!!!!! But I need to warn you first, the serving is really huge......let's say if you can only eat one McChicken for one meal, that is like 4 McChicken's serving.

GPS coordinate (Juru Autocity): 5°20'16"N   100°25'43"E

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