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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Alor Setar - Kafe Kim Hoe

When we back to Alor Setar, we always try something new for meal. So, for this time, we went for this 鸡丝面 near the Sentosa Plaza for breakfast.

The outlook of the shop, yeah, the shop is going to move when we ate there. By now, most probably it has move a few shops down the road.

This shot shows how near the shop to the Sentosa Plaza.

The noodle stalls...


Little daughter yawning since it is early in the morning.

Where is my food???!!!

The wantan soup.....

Duck meat noodle.

Closer shots.

The wantan is really nice, look at the ingredient inside.

The special chili sauce come with it.

GPS coordinate: 6°7'21"N   100°21'46"E

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