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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Teluk Tempoyak - Ikan Bakar Adnan Hassan

Teluk Tempoyak, one of my favorite place to go for "ikan bakar" (barbeque fish) in Penang island, due to the price and also the freshness of the seafood there. The other reason I always went there for dinner is the scenery.

Deep blue sea and the jetty.

Stray cat or house cat? Not sure as the cat is always there waiting patiently for food.

Walk on the jetty...

Reflection reflection reflection...there is a big piece of tinted windows near the jetty where you can see the reflection of yourself and the seaside clearly.

Food! We ordered the ikan bakar, bbq crabs and prawns. You can order steam rice as well if needed. There is also a stall selling cool coconut juice.

Closer look at the crab.

The prawns...

The fish, the specialty here is the chili sauce they put on top of the bbq fish. The fish is bbq'ed on top of the banana leaf.

The dipping chili sauce.

Evening shots at 7.00pm++

Suggest to go there during full moon as the tide will be high and you can hear the wave coming in clearly. Also, if you like photography, the moon will be round and clear.

While the moon is up and the sun is still touching the horizon, you can really get a nice scenery there while enjoying your meal. :)

The stall start operation from 6.00pm, so plan your time properly. :P We reach there way too early, around 5.30pm and have to wait for sometime. :)

Ikan Bakar Adnan Hassan
Operating Hours: 6.00pm - 11.00pm (Close on every Monday)
GPS coordinate: 5°16'37"N   100°17'16"E

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