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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gurney Paragon - Goku Raku Ramen

It was wife's birthday. As usual, she preferred a simple and relax way of celebration. So, we went for a movie at GSC Gurney Plaza. After the movie, it is lunch time, we want to look for something that we didn't try before. So, we decided to walk over to Gurney Paragon.

Wife is always a fans of ramen, so without hesitation, we went for the Goku Raku Ramen.

The restaurant is located somewhere further inside Gurney paragon on the left. The compound is of medium size, but the interior is very well designed with plenty of seats around.

We chose the seat near to the entrance. The table is pretty huge, it is more like for 4 persons. Since there is not a lot of customers in the restaurant, we got to choose where ever seats we like. :P

There are some bar top seats as well, where you had a view of chefs at work.

The menu are sitting well at the table waiting for its fated customer to take a look at.

A closer look at the frontpage of menu. The two Mandarin words read "ji le" which means maximum happiness.

When I opened the menu, the first page is very interesting. It is actually a guide on how to eat ramen. :P

There are total of 6 steps, which is pretty similar to what my wife told me how to eat ramen after she stationed in Japan for 3 months few years ago. :)

Desserts, which I think not that Japanese style. :P Anyway, when we were there, there is promotion for HSBC credit card members. But since we were not really interested with the dessert, we didn't order any.

Both of us ordered hot green tea, since we just came out from the ever super cold Gurney Plaza's GSC. :P
I still preferred the green tea served in a ceramic round and straight cup. A glass just don't have the right feel of eating ramen. :P

The chopsticks and spoons are served in the basket. The chopstick wrapper is quite interesting, as it can be used in another way as well.

This is how you placed the chopstick. :P

Main dish, the ramen! The soup is nice, the ramen also nice. :) Forgot what is the ramen name already. I think one of it is Goku Raku ramen.

Another view of the ramen before it is consumed. :)

Close up on the ramen.

Price wise I can said it is considered on the high side. The interesting things is that you can actually mix and match the ramen according to the ingredients you preferred. :)

Goku Raku Ramen Gurney Paragon:
GPS Coordinate: 5.43670, 100.31172
Opening hours: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm (Mon - Sun)
Phone numbers: 04-2260 961
Address: Lot 163D-1-05, Ground Floor, Gurney Paragon Mall, Gurney Drive, 10250 Penang.

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