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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Gurney Paragon - Morganfield's

Our visits to this restaurant is pretty dramatic, including x times of e-mail discussion and 3 times of reservation ffk. Well, we had a schedule to rush for visiting this restaurant especially before one of my colleague's baby delivery. Finally we make it at one of the Friday without one of us, who is having a major eye surgery in KL. Wish him speedy recovery!

Gurney Paragon is only familiar to me as an expensive property building. It never occurs to me to visit it as Gurney Plaza is just besides it and I stayed at mainland. :P

As usual, pork ribs always catch my attention as it is my favorite food after the first time of tasting it in Apple Bee's restaurant at Mc Carthy Ranch, San Jose. So, I'm so excited when my fellow colleague mentioned about eating ribs at Morganfield's. Without second thought, I straight away agreed to it.

The center part of the Gurney Paragon. with both high tower (not sure is super condo or office building) at the side. 

The outlook of Morganfield's. The outlet is pretty huge with quite a number of seats. From outside it looks like a bistro/bar more than like a restaurant.

The big billboard with a short introduction to their ribs.

Surprise to see a classic jukebox in da house. If you'll like to listen to your favorite music whiile enjoying your meal, give it a try. :)

Plenty of choices at the bar counter......

They serve red wine too, should be good to drink it with the ribs. :P

The pamphlet greeting me when I just sit down, their famous ribs, grilled with Jack Daniel's.

There is a guest comment card readied at each table for you to feedback. Don't forget to give a "like" in the guest card if you like their service and food. :)

The menu is pretty simple, it is a piece of paper with all the value set lunch shown on it. I was there during lunch time. I personally like their choices a lot.

The highlight of the menu, the ribs. :P

Set Lunch's soup of the day.

Chicken Caesar salads. Nice!

B.L.T Salads, the vegetables are fresh, the taste is light. Really good to go along with the all meaty ribs. :)

I ordered the Smokehouse Bacon Cheeseburger, really love the patties. The patties is really soft and melt in the mouth.

Lastly, the ribs!!!! I'll say so far the best I tried in Penang. :P Juicy, tender and grilled to perfection. :) We ordered a full rack and shared among us. It is best to do it this way so that can try more types of food especially when we were there as a group.

There's not a lots of parking around Paragon, so you might need to spend sometime looking for parking. I didn't park inside the Paragon parking, not sure how is the parking availability inside. There are plenty of parking along Gurney Drive.

Morganfield's Gurney Paragon:
GPS Coordinate: 5.43670, 100.31172
Opening hours: 11.00am to 1.00am (Mon - Sun)
Phone numbers: 04-2262487
Address: G01, Ground Floor, Gurney Paragon Mall, Gurney Drive, 10250 Penang.

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